Winter is coming! Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls

Most people have seen someone take a nasty spill on slippery winter ground. You may have even been the victim of it yourself. Whether it’s nearly invisible ice on your front porch steps, or that deceitful greasy floor surface near an entrance to the outside world that could double as a hockey rink, the possibilities of winding up on your rear more than your feet this winter seem endless.

Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities offer the following tips for avoiding slips and falls during this winter season:

  • Select appropriate footwear. There is no single shoe sole material that is perfect under all conditions; however, footwear with rubber or neoprene composite soles provides better traction on ice and snow than leather or plastic.
  • Think about the best route to your destination and plan on a little extra time to get there. Avoid rushing, taking shortcuts over snow piles or traversing areas where snow or ice removal is incomplete.
  • If you have no choice but to walk on a slippery surface, bend slightly forward and shorten your stride or shuffle your feet for better stability.

    • Many slips and falls occur during entry or exit from vehicles. Be particularly careful and hold on to the vehicle for support.

  • Avoid carrying items. Keep hands empty so arms are free to move for stabilization. Use backpacks if possible.
  • Remember: Ice and snow mean take it slow!

When entering a building, be sure to:

  • Take advantage of floor mats to remove moisture from the soles of your shoes. This will help protect you, as well as others who follow, from having to walk on wet or slippery surfaces.
  • Avoid walking on wet or slippery areas if possible.
  • Take responsibility for immediately reporting slip and fall hazards.

Lastly remember if you or someone you know has a fall, tell us immediately so we can get them checked and adjusted accordingly. Don’t let those misalignments stay in your spine and prevent you from living at 100%- especially during the holiday season.  To check for misalignments or just to keep your spine healthy, please contact Discover Health and Wellness Northglenn today for a consultation!