Low Back Hurts… Consider this…

Taking care of your health is easier and more affordable then trying to recover it. What are you spending on medications or medical bills to manage your pain? Are you doing things to try and cure your symptoms or doing things to manage them so you can make it through one more day?

Low_Back_Hurts_Consider_thisSurgery has been found to be helpful in only 1 in 100 cases of low back problems. In some people, surgery can even cause more problems. This is especially true if your only symptom is back pain. In reality, doctors and hospitals are making huge profits off the backs of unsuspecting patients who are not told there may be better and cheaper ways to solve their back pain with chiropractic care or other non-invasive methods. The costs of back surgeries are among the most expensive, and these costs do not include hospitalization, imaging, drugs or medications.

Most physicians preach in the common medical lore of “pulled muscles” and “slipped discs” when it comes to back pain, ignoring the role of spinal joints and altered spinal mechanics in this pain process. This misunderstanding is the underlying cause of mistreatment for back pain that has been going on far too long as a medical myth. Studies have shown that many people with no pain or other symptoms often have some sort of disc problem show up on an MRI scan. And we know that bulging, degenerated, and even herniated discs in the spine are common among healthy people with no symptoms. When doctors find such discs in people with back pain, the discs may be irrelevant, but they are likely to lead to more tests, patient anxiety, and perhaps even unnecessary surgery.

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